493 In passing, dewtime at sunlight is an obstacle course

Time marks its self a status over landmarks for the small. At dewtime, the Hills of Water replace themselves to provide a decorative, tantalising but dangerous obstacle course. Imagine the magnificence of veined pathways through the watery globes, contrasting with a fragile desert like ground.

Such a mysterious trek can be mastered as a drinking journey. from the edges of each drop. Such a 2 in 1 high value treat,  can prove to very helpful, unless one tips right into a water globe. But which temporary measure to take for safety and progress? Should one take stride around the biscuity desert with the promise of many oasis in reach, or await in the shadowy images under a dockleaf’s parasol to shelter? As the short minutes turn,  both opportunities fade fast to the vanishing point.




© 2017 La Floralie 3

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