566 Springtime law in English field and wood is a thin blue line

Defence from the small in the chaos of Nature.

On the outside, a sapphire pathway tinged with cobalt attracts many admiring eyes towards the hyacinthy bluebell flower. In the UK we wait in anticipation for the stunning carpets they will form within dappled shade of grassy woods. They are a little late this year.

In contrast to this random but heavenly blue show of the bluebells, in other places we have tiny, modest and infrequent scatterings of delicate blue dots.   Along the edges of waysides, field and track,  these are the bunches of forget-me-not. Delicate and polite, they serve the UK Spring in a gentile manner, a quiet and very obedient resident maidservant. Without this presence,   April would not be the same.  Each one is like a blue sky with a small sunny eye, but that eye is also shaped like a flower. There is no  showy exterior to catch our attention, so we become compelled to look at the inside towards a curious and  innocent forget-me-not character.

Simple in form, perfectly made, these  miniature faces are always alert. Alongside the natural sense of duty with an artful one-eyed watchfulness, there happens to be quite a complex act they are bound to follow. Their plants maintain a subtle alchemy to change guise. Through the petal, their hue shifts in unseen moves from sky blue to mauve to a whispery pink.  That must be called crossing the line, mustn’t it? In my small mind, I like to think that perhaps they are simply getting ready to be the pink dawn sky for an early morning sun. Whatever, they are always silently en garde. Forget -me-not, I’m always here for you.



© 2018 La Floralie 3

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