536 The green hands who have sunsets at their finger tips

Be warned, on a very wet Easter Monday in England, we groan and groan and groan again.  It’s April Showers, but it’s not so much having an over plentiful water supply that is a bother, its that irritating mid-greyscale greyness across the day,  which has rubbed itself like a dirty eraser everywhere I look.  When the air is drained of all joviality and colour washes away from view,  one can get more than a little tetchy. Quite rightly so,  this is snubby behaviour of our weather is towards what is a precious, long weekend holiday.

By the early evening GMT,  I felt myself mourning for an embery glow and that delightful little uplift, which comes through leisurely watching a Spring pinky sundown dropping the day gently to its perfect end,  and motivating us with a primitive satisfaction into the next. It’s Nature’s best yoga pose and it should have been here today,  but we are powerless in such matters. So, what to do about this to-do?

It is a bit of an English thing to be a little abstract for a change. Call it “eccentricity”, this is what keeps us Brits balanced and sane.  A little madness to stop the sadness. One doesn’t have to be a British nutcase to know that this very unique quality,  is why we see as the rest of Europe, the USA,  and other forms of life as different to ourselves. How grateful we are to be like this especially at overcast moments in world history, never mind just one day……

But along with our brand of strangeness,   there are little green creatures called plants, and all nations can agree,  they are born static… So unable to move, we assume plants will never know when to view a sunset or sunrise – or do they?  Plants can be very surprising in form and features., adapted to spending all their days and nights staying out in one place. However, there are some tropical exotics, born to brighten the world. They literally come “hands-on”  with built-in bio-tech psychedelic amusements for the grey days.  On these, finger tips have evolved dripping with tropical sunsets at the touch of a petal. Total wierdness  is what I call it, but quirkiness always makes up  a very good display whatever the weather.

For us mere humans who are not born as flowers, it can be worth getting very pleasantly engrossed in such a plant’s self-possessed flamboyance.  After all, if one can’t get out, one can do no worse than indulge from the inside. Watch the nail paint flower and dry at dusk,  and then be inspired to do your own.

But a final note:  Due to good science, flowering plants do infact respond to the long and the short of an old sun’s story, because the timings of their blooms are determined by the lengths of the sun’s rays . So when a plant flowers its power it is guided and knows when are the best sunrises and sunsets to do just that. Magic even on wet days.

© 2018 La Floralie 3

Winterbourne Gardens, University of Birmingham, March 28




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