525 The Rites of Spring: “I’d rather be early than late” and “I’d rather be better late than never!”

In London, one must be ahead of the trends no matter the weather…..

Friday 23rd February in London and it was absolutely freezing. However,  I was on a mission to go and just ‘enjoy what a garden could offer’ but stupidly, I had no gloves, For chilled finger bones there were rewards. The garden was green and flowering. I was really staggered, although the air and ground was too cold for anything,  some couldn’t resist their own curiosity and had popped up anyway. These ‘earlies’included roses, ‘fresh as a daisy’ daisies, yellow gorse, euphorbia and lavender. Perhaps it was the varieties thinking they were in the Mediterranean due to what is usually the extra warm climate of the city. But not today, and against this freezing chill, these delicate beings were not at all as perturbed as I was. I look forward to catching up with what they are like now.  All to be found in the charming respite of Sir Hans Sloane’s, Chelsea Physic Garden, London.


Today in the Countryside, Spring blossom was a little fashionably late – but on time

Such is the contrary rites of Spring. As March 21st is the traditional first day of Spring, across the UK at this time of year, we tend to be enjoying plenty of daffodils, primroses. When I think back, I’m sure I recall slightly warmer weather, a definite show of blossom on the trees by now. However, we also have a saying of March winds, but anyway at least cold conserves as well as slows growth. So today’s first day of Spring did deliver, at last the prunus began to to be more full, tree branches curled up to the skies to give thanks, and the early lichen on the tree barks from January, once the days get longer, has gradually been fading as buds begin to take shape. Birds are singing and over the local farm, ‘pink sky at night is a shepherd’s delight’. At last Winter would rather be over!

3 years ago the robins sang and we had a solar eclipse and then blue skies and dandelions followed, see link below…




© 2018 La Floralie 3

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