518 Today’s afternoon matinee – “The Super Unnatural… naturally”

The world’s a stage  in London retail and the curtain is opening. Grab your pots quickly and watch the colour come to life as the Monstera Deliciosa, the young Boston Fern and Sago Palm take central stage amongst the gorgeousness of props in “The Super Unnatural naturally”,  a pantomime of plants.


March 6, Selfridges, London


© 2018 La Floralie 3


    1. Yes, Selfridges contains this brand, yes expensive, but looking is a lot of fun. So sorry very remiss of me not to know the label, but its a shop in a shop, and with a message of “crazy ethical flipperty” . It literally does work as theatre, especially with the curtain. I came down the escalators and this was just in front of me very lovely for the senses, a true visual surprise, taken from markets and rejuggled here, very clever..!

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      1. They do have a good interior decorated. I spent a better part of the day on Christmas, took tons of photos. I could spend the whole day just feasting my eyes and not spend except for the eatery on top.

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      2. Fun memories! When I’ve taken adults inside there, they have slowed down their walking pace and they are like children in a candy shop, deriving pleasure from just looking aand enjoying the fantasy 🙂


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