501 To follow Nature, we all need to be like sheep

One can not always see the wood for the trees if one is a sheep, but for those who can, the grass will be sweeter.

In Martley, Worcestershire, UK, a group of local Ramblers takes to the fields to cross the mud, glorious mud. A field or two,  all squelchy clay in February’s wet, but then the ground can offer an unexpected and sudden change into firmer, terracotta sandy soil.

An area full of the rocks of ages,  the geology of this land is immense and varied; hence ridges abound, forced into creation between different substances to captivate with character.

And views when on the ridges of the Martley Circular Walk, in between the sun and simultaneous freezing hail are still stunning. This is England’s “core” apple growing county. As we wandered through well established orchards, we wondered which 3-4 days blossom time would hit the March calender in a few weeks time. Petalled snow was all in our imagination.

But if memories of past Springtimes serve as a map, the winding River Teme now becomes our guide. One can not help but follow a river – or the hills of the underground moles…..

A chair with a view is a guide for us to contemplate Nature. A chosen spot by some to share the pleasures in moments of stillness. Touring isnt only restricted to physical movement. The mind and spirit must also wander.

And finally because a group ensures it keeps together, keeping together and touring together gives these regular walks the pleasure that they are. Without a herd, we would never find new pastures. That one in the red jacket, Dudley of Dudley,  is just 85 – walks everywhere…. Inspiration. It should follow that age and experience goes in front for the rest of us…..

Hedges have a new purpose for one strawberry blond horned goat.

It doesn’t follow the crowd. This is the perfect hiding place, restaurant and sanctuary, well away from the ducks over the gate.

One can listen and hide, but then one can  not follow, and perhaps can not lead…

© 2018 La Floralie 3




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