495 Favourite city planning. Supreme hi tech oasis for modern living, relaxed travelling, inspired business


2nd stop on my Advent trip Singapore.

A green, but modern culture is now the immediate message on entry to Singapore. As the new terminal looks like a boutique hotel, I was so in love with it –  I had to take a photo of my luggage on the conveyor belt….


What starts at the airport is then designed to pervade the senses as you taxi along the highways, visit flagship hotels and enjoy public park landscapes. Business travellers, tourists to locals all stand to benefit, and all will at least be inspired by it. Great work by the island city’ policy makers and planners. As a result, the economy becomes a more pleasant place to do business. It isn’t just flowers that grow as a result. We never saw that link in the Garden of Eden.


The definitive City of Strategy, Singapore leads on creativity. It has applied logical planning,  but combined hi tech with extremely imaginative creativity to make Nature more accessible,  attractive, useful and magical to the populus.

It has invested strongly in shifting the image of depleting nature, embedding  sustainability deep in the culture, education and business practice. The awareness has a hi tech emphasis as if leading the world’s major civilisations with a message of a new possible utopia. Good or bad, hi tech and creativity certainly gets the attention. Very importantly, the ongoing maintenance provides new employment, new knowledge and innovation.





© 2017 La Floralie 3


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