489 Whilst it lasts……Summer daze, candy coloured and stripes

Past mid June and a few minutes a day less light to reckon with, and we have to accept that there is no longer a time to allow for growth,  things are scheduled to be on a natural decline. But memory and eyesight  says emphatically “No! It’s not finished yet!” Summer is the teenage season of the year, but if one happens to be well beyond that sweet, and sometimes moody, short period,  it is the summery months which recall the most carefree days made and sealed with 100% trusted friendships warm as the sunniest day, gridlocked in time to be part of the brightest everlasting future ahead. Teenagers are always going to be together, no matter what.

So naturally, this is Petunia’s time. Colourful, a little frivolous and striped like beach rock, this is a border community whose rich hues and blooms of trumpety confidence reaches out to Suburbia’s passers by with youthful cheek and cheerfulness. Made to discover what the rest of what Life has to offer with a real sense of bravado, one cannot ignore the June generation, so whilst they are at their brightest,  let’s hope that every one of them can enjoy these days to the full. They only happen once.


© 2017 La Floralie 3

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