476 A friend in need is not a weed

Today, June 1st is the completion date of late Spring. Colour is shimmering all round, Summer’s season is now in celebration as we enter it at last. However in the excitement, the first real day of a season will always test the young and the inexperienced.  Today, Pinkest Papaver of steep winding road in Stourbridge, crashed in the heat and lost her petals. She had fallen only because she hadn’t been drinking.

There is now an empty place on the brick wall where there should be high spirit of floral frovolity.  This was real upset to the pavement watch,  but whilst some could not look others had chosen to look the other way.

The wall and pavement  flowers are communities with unsaid rules of collegiate street etiquette. Their habitats are the most fragile of homesteads made by a little opportunity and a lot of luck.  Well away from the comfort and relative safety of a garden, they are seeded in unlikely tarmac pockets to be wise on the street, but vulnerable to all who pass. Close friendship between neighbours who also compete for space and shelter and the hungry is crucial.

Where needed, the role of a good scented Samaritan can go far. This original biblical story celebrates how difference is really all about equality and a friend when you need it most can be a total stranger who is simply compassionate. Difference and divide dissolves to invisibility.  From the flower bed to pavement meadow, it is always the differences which champion creativity and strength to the floral community. It is only diversity which can create the vibrancy and rich depth of experiences on which all good flower walkways and memories of happiness and gratitude are made.


© 2017 La Floralie 3



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