474 One’s resting place

My day’s good intentions did not completely go as planned. I had decided to get loads done, and from first thing this morning to around early afternoon I almost managed to and even discovered some new stuff along the way, always a bonus. But then the weather got really a little too hot for me, I hate muggy weather and my early morning rabbit  enthusiasm for “clearing ALL domestic chores, doing ALL the gardening and clearing ALL desktop junk”… didn’t exactly evaporate, but slow..e..d  from a temporary stop to a permanent standstill as I decided to a 15 minute timed doze – but on this very warm afternoon, it turned into a very dreamy 2 hours.

On waking, clouds had now masked the previous clear blue sky, ‘Is that the time?’ I was quite disgusted and in denial.  I still had my to do list which was not going to get done, so I got stuck into the garden and then mild raindrops started, but with them they had brought a gift. A sharp movement detected from the corner of my eye was a very beautifully pattern young frog which had taken a chance to spring up the steps of my miniscule garden porch.

Once up,  for the next 20 minutes on having found a suitable canopy and with nose against flower,  I expected him to leap any moment, but he didn’t. This palm size amphibian in its stillness, appeared to be much in the spirit of transcendental meditation.  Had he been inspired by the peace of Holst’s Venus as I had been minutes earlier? It is music to bring you to the beginning of the world. Thinking about beginnings on a relaxed Sunday must be is a good thing even for frogs,   for now is tadpole time, memories of when one had a tail must be sweet.

Then interruption. There was another movement, but one I didn’t see. Now at an angle with the wall, this new position did not seem to me to be a very interesting view, but what do mere humans know?  There was pure focus on the brick. With back legs  tucked in,  it was another contemplative pose.

After 10 minutes or so I looked again, but this time he was gone.  The spot behind the flower pot was after all just a break in his journey, divinely sparked. Namaste.



© 2017 La Floralie 3



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