470 A day for the power of memory and unexpected pavement hospitality

Easy to forget that Camellias in showy and sturdy bloom from February will drop and then fade just as Spring is coming into its best. For such sumptuous glowing colourful, hardy blossoms and strong, sophisticated buds to disappear without notice is an immensely painful realisation.

That all things are temporary is hard as concrete.  To know that we only borrow the pleasure,  might be perfect for Nature’s cycle, but logic doesn’t make sense. We are bound to question the disappearance of that which we love. How can this be good for the human condition? But it is an uncanny truth that disappearance, can become the stronger part of us in invisible spirit.  The only place where real beauty and the everlasting gift of heritage can live, survive and thrive.

So whilst new compositions in the very real and physical world of flowers are being made and dissolving into the ground like an aspirin every day, their transient world is a rich remedy for peace in progress.  Out on the streets today, anywhere you might have been or go to, overnight the pavements by your feet will be spontaneously transforming to become rich, golden, diverse communities. Infact, there is no time to stop. Within seconds, in total unity they take breath and a few hours later they will have formed a street meadow, whilst in 24 hours day there will be fields of hope. This week will pass and there will be a full harvest,where once well lived, happy lives come to fruition. The death of flowers, beauty and youth need no longer be a sad thought or a threatening part to our psyche. When blossoms are silenced at their best,  we can and do learn to progress memory into something truly memorable.

After Manchester Arena, UK .  23 May 2017.


© 2017 La Floralie 3

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