464 Keep me suited, booted and always in your company Elaine Quinn

You charming little pansy. Birth marked in purple and white, Creation made you into the perfect violet. Dappled like an elegant, but authentically rebellious Abstract Expressionist painting, Elaine Quinn breathes modern femininity. A sophisticated, but light perfume circulates closely around each of its enchanting floral ballerinas. A dramatic atmosphere and exquisitely finished to neatness, and they float just above the ground.  Waves of flowers leaping are suspended in time, but as each is on such a strong and definite upstanding stem, such finesse has been well practiced in the genes for fine balance.

Catching the eye with its streaky  spontaneity of violets,  the place of each five petal flower is to patiently observe. Positioned on Earth’s stage at ground level, but just above the sidelines, Elaine Quinn minds her own counsel whilst politely conversant.

With the gentrified charm of ladies-in-waiting, the finishing school lovelies must nevertheless always be aware, never to be caught unawares. The plants must be able to capture attention as necessary, but never with the vanity of grasping it. Not at all a showy flower with the usual flamboyancy expected of its larger “monkey face”, bright, velvety dandy cousins. Instead, Elaine Quinn, wears delicate gloves.  Modesty and impeccable manners covers its wrists. But with confident strokes of electric purples and whites,  this modern pansy’s eclectic genius is to deliver an entwined charisma. Flashes of spiritual mystery, through pattern and light,  somehow bring pleasure,  solace  and clarity to the naked eye.

Inspite of such profound gifts, Elaine Quinn is seedless. Propagated by Man, it is unable to procreate future generations.   But it can spread its root sthrough the handy help of human kindness. Such is the synergy of people and plants,  always a love affair of beauty, and so the gentile,  aesthetic pleasures of Elaine Quinn  will meet future generations.


© 2017 La Floralie 3


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