455 Spring’s perfume of sweetness

Spring in the Northern hemisphere. Who would think that the combo of dirt and light is thrown together to provide the order of Spring, and then with its technology create food, visual wonders, Life. Continually responsive to the elements, incredibly, everything that we need is here.  There is so  much, much more than surface decoration, its  joys totally  fill my soul.

Within the unearthing of our new green land,  memories become positively refreshed and we wake up. This is the season of reassurance and hope. With verdant pastures, clouds of blossom, new lambs, foals and early butterflies,  its cup definitely “spilleth over”.

As the trees have now come into their own, possibly the first “proper” blossomed Spring fragrance is the lilac.  Positioning itself  so its conical bloom sways when the wind stirs, it is the gentle dreamer, and a treeful of swaying blossoms is certainly hypnotic.   There are 3 lilac sisters, all dainty and sophisticated characters. With a sniff, be moved by the pale mauve as it departs a full, but light fragrance, the majestic purple is a little more subtle and short on the nose, perhaps almost sensible, yet exotic, whilst the white is the airy and fresh bride, Such sweet lightness of beings.



© 2017 La Floralie 3

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