454 With thick, heady scent, one jungle chameleon transcends past, present and future

The Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow plant is exoticism defined. Native to Brazil and already strongly fragranced,   its flowers also possess unique colour changing properties, which gradually diffuse from violet to a delicate blue and then white. The plant will have a mix of  violet and white at the same. However in spite of its extraordinary attributes, it is not a true floral aristocrat – it is a rather colourful member of the potato family.

A prim reminder of ordinariness to those who have a tendency to garnish a little more on the outside than they should,  changing one’s colour is generally not good form, but if origins are origins, I can understand why a jungle potato would feel the need to stretch out for a little novelty and live a little. Who would choose to be a dirty, round and hard lump in the ground waiting to be unceremoniously dug up and eaten, rather than admired? A definite Brazilian passport.

I wonder, is it me or does it have that rolling eye and rather bumpy surface that chameleons possess?


© 2017 La Floralie 3

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