450 Which green exactly?


To upgrade my practical understanding of sustainability from the ground up, through March I opted to take a horticulture course. Amongst the inspirational colours, forms and seductive scents which took me there, the reality of practical assessments and academic theory sets in.  Green can suddenly be harder to get to grips with when one has to learn it. Will I ever get to know those latin names and the difference between a plant genus and planting a genius? Probably not, but how much does it matter?


For my simple mind, I do have an amazing time appreciating pure beauty and engineering genius part of plant design. However, in living the modern global life, where most are aware of sustainability and what it means to ‘be green’, it is  phenomenal to think that right across our world, from under the sea to the mountain tops, from microbe to treetop leaves and cacti – green needs to dominate our world.   Can we keep it that way please.


Yesterday the glasshouse triumphed. In a yellow sea of narcissus on quite dull green stems,  their perfume wafted so delicately in the warmth.  Past jolly coleus through to the damp warm earthy corners of the ancient cycads and banana palms it trailed off to mix with some other exotics.  Warm slightly moist air and sweet fragrance is a heady mix. Yesterday I started to have a real appreciation for structure and the history of our incredible heritage. Banana, a totally bizarre plant, but truly majestic leaves.  Ridged back and front, they are designed to unfurl their spread , straighten up, but also possess the ability to bend a little. They seem to be the most content of leaves, emerald, smooth strong, in place, wonderful symmetry.


So from Monday, some green mixing from a glasshouse in one city of the world, contained greenness with care and appreciation of what our world is about – radiant energy + water + seeds = amazing life. Yellow green, blue green , blue green grey, pink tinged green green with red splodges, never ending greens play more than a supportive stem role, green allows transpiration, it creates the photosynthesis for Life itself, land, air and sea. Not just good looking, varied and beautiful, green is all about all about fascinating structural reform.





© 2017 La Floralie 3


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