436 Valentine weekend, shadows dance in Urban Wood


What a funny thing that without light there is no shadow, yet shadows are all about darkness. We can see them, but we can’t catch them, but to exist, shadows need the real and solid in order to adjust their form. How completely bizarre! But the strange and impossible belongs to everybody and everything. It is a special gift not to understand everything, but pretend that we do.

Urban Wood is the only wood which grows leaves at night. Here,  shadow-time comes so that Nature can occasionally escape from being static, still, rigid and upright, because even Flora must take time to mindlessly enjoy its own virtual reality and take on a different guise. An escape into wonderful nothingness as a shadowy opportunity to be ‘nothing, but something’, is all but fun and fantasy. A fragile leaf can interact with a harsh, physical landscape of concrete without fear of detriment.

For a little time,  possibly just seconds,  leaves and plants can change their identity. So here is a giant lobster meeting a stick person to shadow dance together along Suburbia Fence. As the breeze,  lamplight and mood takes them, enjoying the dark as well as the light is for one unique night only.


© 2017 La Floralie 3


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