434 Only birdsong filled the quiet of field and track, where..

the evidence was all around that Sunday afternoon life silently progresses. But such peaceful solitude is not without purpose and universal connection.

Passing one canal, single trees, one field and a wood, they all are apparently minding their own business, doing what we know  – flowing and growing.  But in the grand scheme of things, together, their solitary activities contribute to create that very soulful theatre – the landscape.

img_20170205_162209461_hdr img_20170205_163317330

Magic happens in the theatre. Today we had an illusion, a rainbow cloud, it looked like a double sun in the sky. It’s visible in the right of the photo below. It is rare when it happens, or perhaps if we are looking at the right time. If such unique events are special, they are because they are also solitary.


As one star rising and glowing on its own, after 4.6 billion years,  our sun Sol seems to do an excellent job of solitude. We assume its mass of light energy must be conciousless. However given that the sun has been responsible for providing life for almost 4 billion years, that thought is an oddity, and from today it definitely perplexes me. Perhaps at this distance we are simply not on all of the sun wavelengths and have to accept that if there is any conciousness anywhere within it, we may not be privy to it.

But who and where in this rich, bewildering universe, might the sun share its thoughts with? Being on one’s own, almost immortal, responsible for eons and eons of life, and all of its consequences , seems beyond the most immense and lonely responsibility.



© 2017 La Floralie 3

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