431 Revisits, reminders and a tuneful repurpose



Memories of good old Brighton, UK.  Blue skies, exactly at this time of year.

30 January 2015, as below.


Discovery, it is what the Present is for. This January brings the unexpected. Modified insights of the first flowering buds…


Now 2 years later, I see how even the smallest blossoms become open mouthed. They sing and whistle in happy chorus, acknowledging each other, celebrating the blue skies in anticipation of Spring.

This is something I had never noticed previously, yet all blossoms certainly do open with just one small bud at a time. Is this a form of climate checking, or the careful maintaining of limited supplies perhaps? Or is the purposeful frugality and tight-pursed caution just a resourceful habit of the modest and small? After all,  to open oneself too quickly in fullness, could mean one would be spent to nothing. It would be wasteful to be wasted for no reason on a cold day.

Anyway, insects are virtually nil, so no pollenation in sight, but with another blossom just very close by, it must of the greatest comfort to use this opportunity for companionship and note the weather together in joint harmony. With cupid lips, the sounds of course will be off the scale for human ears. But steady on! Stepping out cloud free day seems not to be such an isolated phenomena. Sit back and notice the lion-dog face staring out. Such behaviour is not as coincidental as it may seem. It is careful, planned and very purposeful.



© 2017 La Floralie 3


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