426 Tilt just 90 to find the New Graceful……….the unknown harmonies, exquisite Worlds of Something Else

Looking at the world differently can just be a matter of changing our angle to it, or maybe stepping closer or further away. It’s a great way to answer the question “Is there something else?” Yes. There is the perspective of everything else which lives outside ourselves. The proof is all around – there is plenty of  ‘something else’.

The Worlds of Something Else are not hard to find, and when we do, the experience is mind blowing. Regular practice or even just one opportunity, can provide life changing revelations.



There will be at least one World of Something Else in your lifetime of today before it closes at midnight. If you are by Nature, it is easy to marvel and find the dexterity and skill of creatures less than a 1000th of your size, or 100 times larger.  Explore how the obvious and subtle come together under a very certain permission;   the permission which you provide to experience new ways of seeing. A World of Something Else can not exist until we choose to look at it.


When we grant permission to view things differently,  tomorrow’s New Graceful can be available in under seconds. When we see it, hear it or feel it, the avenue to fresh solutions is available and obvious. How come we didn’t see it before? When locked doors open,  dark corners illuminate,  the small becomes important and what was insurmountable becomes possible. It’s fascinating how what was most puzzling, frightening or mysterious, can become an attractive image or new opportunity, and even an easy, new and natural path to contemplate to the next stop.

If it is not obvious yet, no need to look too hard,  practice looking in a different direction.  Just do 90 degrees, and a new world, as well as the old one you knew, will certainly be there tomorrow – but different.


The original view of a Yucca in Stourbridge. It will never look quite the same from now on.



© 2017 La Floralie 3


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