425 The Wonderbrush

Planets may travel in a circular motion and timelines pass invisibly, but in ever a relaxed and delicate fashion, it is light, which works ambiguously in two directions.  As an artist of pure genius, whilst it is rising down there, it drops and slips into a downtime journey up here.

With a slender and quiet escape into darkness,  civilization has always obsessed with this disappearing beauty. We marvel without question at the way it extracts all power, as the final moments of its burning spectrum reduce and is absorbed back into its own palette.  When the landscape becomes mastered into a totally ink-black canvas, a stranger could think the world is empty, but on the contrary, it is simply bountiful with static. Obedient silhouettes silently begin to deliver an abundant and gracious standstill.

A little light brushwork has a becoming rhythm.

img_20170123_171409414 img_20170123_171758909  img_20170123_171946045


© 2017 La Floralie 3


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