424 The Graceful . Light and Shade on Swan Street


On a small street in Stourbridge is a Grandiflora Magnolia Tree which likes to be curious over the brick wall. Its gigantic, cream flowers perfume the area in the Summer. I can be across the road on a hot, bright day and its exotic scent will cut the air. Tonight though, is Winter. To remind us that the fragrance was really that powerful and real, its dark and glossy evergreen leaves appear conservative, but are actually very inquisitive. Over the past months, they not only have subtlely wandered over the manmade boundary, but their shadows have an independent life of their own. Lower right of this witness photo, it is the leaves which deliver a clever floral message,  a reminder and promise of its future majesty to those who happen to be passing after dark.  But how does the full and cream blossom manage to communicate its image through its leafy counterparts in flat and black,  and still  be elegant and refined? A clever character, Magnolia Grandiflora,  ‘light and shade’* indeed.


*”Light and shade” in the English language refers to the different parts of a character



© 2017 La Floralie 3


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