423 A bouquet for Vladimir

On our seemingly immovable grey days, where the air simply hangs solid, there is nevertheless a bright curiousity. In very small stages, there is willing to take a chance and explore the light.  Only slightly visible, the simplest florals are starting to pervade our sightlines.

img_20170109_144946606-copy  img_20170109_144239626-copy  img_20170109_145227403-copy  img_20170109_144343024-copy

Tonight, I found myself thinking about an old friend whom I had not spoken to for perhaps almost 15 years, but he had been a very good person to know. A bright, kind and very interesting conversationalist and unconventional spark, one of those naturally gifted and charismatic, but genuine people who brought intelligent and warm ambience on a grey day.

I met Vladimir at an alternative healing group in 1980s, Manchester. Curious about the world and more,  he was one of those very clever scientists at a local university. Well positioned and kind enough to give me a very helpful insight on diet, he opened my mind on food habits and the relationship to allergies. Amazing how the mundane can be made incredibly interesting!

The last time I spoke to him, he was actually quite unwell, but I was very pleased to find out that at a quite mature age he had fathered a son, of whom he found a complete delight.

Sadly I only found out tonight,  that Vladimir passed away a few years ago in 2012. So, piecing everything together in the late hours,  I can not help but think that this post being all about the bright and curious on grey days,  should be dedicated to Vladimir. He had sprung to mind in the middle of  tonight’s thoughts. So with these modest, but important blossoms in passing,  it was a privilege to be able to have known this humour, intellect and wisdom.


© 2017 La Floralie 3


    1. Hi Debbie, Thank you for your kind comments and Belated Happy New Year. These are quite simple shots really, but Vladimir was indeed a great guy. It is very nice indeed when invisible kind thoughts reach out into the ether, so thank you again, I am happy the post touched you. Very Kind Wishes Jane

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