416 The Delicate, the Small and the Fluffy. Feminine touches on a very wild Old Man’s Beard

Inside the New Year

on a late afternoon walk home, one is reminded of childhood thinking. This profusion of white feathery stuff creating a soft hedgerow, known as Old Man’s Beard,  must have belonged to Santa Claus. It was he who had left something of his signature beard behind, prooving his endeavours, in completing work of global importance on Christmas Eve. Of course it was his. But as an ultra- clever person, he was thinking ahead for us in our own later years.

Come adulthood, we now know that the divine plan is to grow more beards to ensure ‘Santa Smartness’ at all times.  Resourceful thinking for what is one day speed of light travel. For this, across all countries, the world’s most famous beard, must be pristine, white and authentic and very silky. So its artisan craftsmanship,  will be 364 days in the making, or 365 in a leap year.


Come Spring, the Old Man’s Beard belongs to the clambering clematis. In Summer its full mystique is seen in full, handsomest youth, sturdy, generously floral and eye-catching.

I am so pleased that its Winter identity was never to be called Old Woman’s Whiskers, it wouldn’t have quite the same ring to it,  and I would have found that to be a most disturbing thought in my youth.  However, this white frothy mass, does remind me of my grandfather’s very soft, delicate white hair.  And similarly, his generosity was also very Father Christmas.

 Below is the image of the Summer flower,  courtesy of Google Images. Also known as Traveller’s Joy, this name could not be a more perfect match for Santa Claus. A happy and energised beard, is imperative to his global identity. Such preparedness, removes one worry on Christmas Eve, one can not counterfeit a plant’s destiny.

Traveller’s Joy really does  sum it all up so very perfectly. Maybe all old wise, generous and happy men are really blossoms with the youngest and purest of spirits.



© 2017 La Floralie 3



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