411 The Vigor of the Whirly Curlies

How to grow into a resilience curveimg_20161231_153703223

Resilience Curve: the measure of  the ability of a material to absorb energy

This means that all materials have some ability to take “shock” or stress, some might be very weak, even nil or others incredibly strong. But it is that factor of springiness or elasticity that the resilience curve measures, the characteristic “bounce back” of a rubber band, like the “b-o-i-n-ggg!” of a coiled spring!


When I think about how this is applied to our growing technology, brambles are immensely strong for many reasons, but they have used their pliability to naturally curve in order grow sturdier.

They have evolved to increase their strength and becoming very territorial characters through their growing behaviours. They cut out the light to any competition, as well as produce a fast growing and very strong central stem. Individual branches will curve, bend and intertwine with each other and it always looks like a bizarre, tangled mess without any aforethought!

Why look messy, when one could grow straight and perfect like a rose?  But infact its a brilliant networking ploy to create strength, protection and expel unwanted competition on the ground, all at the same time. And in the coldest of Winter, that diffused light has even more opportunity to work across the spread at all angles. The latest shoots are visible.

Must appreciate this resilience curve thing more often!


© 2016 La Floralie 3





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