403 “Now what? I am but a fruit cushion in mid air…..”

Perfectly caught in my own Tree-of-Mid-Life. Only a few of us left,

I wondered what it would be like to free-fall down as ‘apple-in-1’, but I even missed that.

I had anticipated my direction to pass through my branch friends

Just a little over par. Apple golf, tis a young  Summer fruit’s  game

Now between tree and ground, I can only ponder my future

Never to be freshly plucked and be a real bite

Might an Eve ever pass by me now and shout ” Apple? CORE!

I think not.

But she could now admire my new transferable skill –

Over-ripe for the picking,  I can be a delightfully sweet bird chair


But ever youthful, will this Eve.Ning still tempt her path to pass by

Us. Even on our aged and frozen Winter beauty?



© 2016 La Floralie 3


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